Hanfbar – Packaging design
for hemp tea
2018 | Project Gallery

As we all know, you should never judge a book by its cover. But what should you do when the name alone is already wrapped up in prejudices?

This is precisely the case for hemp.

Everyone conjures up an image when they hear the word hemp and it’s not always positive. So, how do you approach a case like this? Easy. You replace the existing images with one that is a lot more appealing. Ideally, an image that is already right in front of your nose and can break down unfair prejudices.

And this is exactly what we did with our packaging design for hemp tea. Our design is modern, fresh and, above all, clear, exuding quality while also breaking down any clichés and prejudices.

With its sustainable, biodegradable packaging, this hemp tea cuts a fine figure next to all the other produce in organic supermarkets. It also portrays itself for exactly what it is: a natural and calming stress buster that is free from any intoxicants. Design sets things in motion. In this case, it is hemp, which has moved from the underground to health stores.

Account: Hanfbar Braunschweig - hanfbar
Design & Illustration: Marina Kanzian
Product text: Marcel Kaine & Marina Kanzian

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